Grade 3

Grade 3

2017 Teachers

3V - Deanna Vecchie

3E - Natalie Ellis

3C - Stephanie Cefai





Our year 3 Program will give students the opportunity to develop, improve, and extend their knowledge in all areas of Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing.
 The Literacy program aims to further develop:

- An ability to speak, listen, read, understand, and write with purpose, enjoyment, and confidence.

- An understanding, knowledge, and development of skills with various types of reading and writing.

- An appreciation of varied forms of texts, such as stories (narratives), information reports and persuasive texts.



Our year 3 Program will give students the opportunity to develop, improve, refine, and extend their knowledge and skills in all areas of Numeracy (Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability).


The Numeracy program assists the students to:

- Develop confidence and competence with a variety of mathematical skills.

- Build upon their existing knowledge and skills.

- Acquire new mathematical knowledge and skills.

- Apply their skills and knowledge when solving problems and using mathematics in everyday situations.

- Develop the processes of logical thought, problem solving and reasoning.



Inquiry Learning

Our year 3 program gives the students the opportunity to investigate topics through hands on experiences, research, discussion and sharing.

2017 topics include:

- Our Classroom Community

- Victoria (including an excursion to the Collingwood Children's Farm)

- Heat In Action

- Living and Non-Living Things

- Safety

Camping Program

Mt Evelyn - Grade 3/4 Camp

11th to the 13th (Wednesday to Friday) of September, 2017.