Juniors Botanical Gardens Excursion

On Wednesday the 24th of May the Juniors went on an excursion to the botanical gardens as part of their inquiry topic : How do we care for our Garden?

Students did the following during the excursion:
  • Made POT POURRI in the herb garden (made from lavender and rose petals)
  • Explored the Childrens garden and Planted Native grass
  • Looked and collected different leaves e.g. Fairy dust leaves
  • Find out how many smells you can discover in the Herb Garden. Rub the leaves gently to release their oils. 
  • Lie under a tree and look up into the canopy. Pretend you are a possum running along the branch. 
  • Pretended they were dinosaurs roaming through Fern Gully. 

This is only some of the things the juniors got up to at the garden!